We are very pleased to confirm, that since our opening a few years ago and  following six weeks of renovation and refurbishment,  our restaurant ‘YUPINS’ at the heart of the Jomtien Complex  to the South of Pattaya in Thailand is flourishing and holds a position among the top 30 out of over 900 restaurants in Pattaya.

Yupin-Outside-rightYUPINS restaurant is in the center of the ‘nightlife’ area called “The Jomtien Complex” to the South of Pattaya, and is very close to the beach.

The small and very popular area called Jomtien has a busy environment of shopping and entertainment and condominiums that attracts tourists from all over the globe; some live here and many come back time after time until they eventually settle here. Everyone seems to love it, with the gentle smiling Thais and their popular Buddhist customs being a favourite attraction to Thailand.

Around YUPINS in “The Jomtien Complex” we have a vibrant nightclub life that appeals to all tastes, and many great bars and restaurants.

Yupin-InsideYUPINS niche is that we serve European and Thai food and wines of excellent quality at reasonable prices in beautiful restful restaurant surroundings.

YUPINS menu consist of European starters and main courses, and a large selection of favourite Thai dishes and desserts.

YUPINS has a great selection of beers, wines and spirits, which have been carefully chosen by the owner. The wines are of easy drinking quality, mainly from the New World, and the prices are very modest. There is a wide selection of bottled beers beautifully cold, many sprits and a good selection of fresh fruit juices, fresh fruit smoothies, and all the usual soft drinks.


Yupin-Outside-leftYUPINS also offers on occasion throughout the year a “Chefs Special” dish, available until it runs out.  These tend to be from the top end of the spectrum, where it can be seen that the chef is enjoying himself!

YUPINS wide circle of supporters, Thais and expats, have given YUPINS very good reviews of the meals they enjoyed and have promised to support us in our aim to lift the operation without changing the prices or the style too much, which have worked well at this restaurant for the past 4 years.

The current popularity of YUPINS rests largely on the quality of the food and its careful presentation.


Yupin-Outside-from-insideOur team in the kitchen, which is unchanged, should be praised. The food preparation of YUPIN herself and with the assistance of Khun Noi our Salad Chef, Khun Gop our Chef de Viandes, and Khun Tan our skilled assistant is really quick, efficient and excellent.

The serving staff at YUPINS and their friendliness, all of whom have worked with us many years, which must be a record of some sort, is also one of the factors that help make YUPINS a success. The professional serving staff, Khun Nam, Khun May, and Khun Nick also step into the kitchen to assist at times of pressure which diversity of skill is important in this small operation.



Yupin-Inside-rightI do hope you will be able to come and see us!

Payments :
♦ Payments by Cash or Visa or Master Card are accepted.
♦ There is no charge for the use of Credit Cards.
♦ Please advise your bank that you are in Thailand before using a card.
♦ It is possible to add a tip to a card payment. Please ask your waiter for advice.

Love from Yupin   xxx

We are closed on Wednesdays to give our hard working staff a rest!
We only take cash in payment.